Problem difficulty is intelligence.

Problems, the obstacles are. Intelligence, equipment


The object Sagch 4 (cooperation to provide service excellence) is the principle on bonds.

Of personnel in the glow of our victory. The principle is based on the principles and practice.
Since everyone is sharing in the work (Network) to the target is.
Organizations that need unity (Unity) in the customer service organization.

Performance or the performance of duties. The problem, it's always been obstacles in the operation.
Normally, the corporate staff is fully aware that When all have cognitive problems (problems -.
Wisdom comes with) the principles that the Group's business Ruangchai.Attention to the restrictions.
Reminding everyone. In addition to the story, then they must have intelligence as well. To achieve it.
The tricks do not worry (stress) in the performance. Because it is.
Barriers to service their customers.
Customers is a patron. If the organization does not have any customers to focus on customer service.
Organizations can not be successful in business. Employee of the fluorescent group Chaiyakij.
Recognizing the importance of the experience of the past for them.
Services, transportation, and wholesale products. Petroleum (oil), our organization has focused on and so on.
The principle is important. Transport time. Quantity and quality required under the policy.
The organization is.

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