Evaluation of fluorescent transport Ruangchaiyakij Oil and Truck Company Limited. B.Krim Green Power Limited.

The executives fluorescent Chaiyakij Oil and Truck Co., by Pairat National Banking and Company. Krim. Green Power by you Komsan (production manager) and the I love (plant manager) has. The meeting to set the standard in transportation. And the arrangements for transportation security seals subject to the standard and quality. The Company. Krim. Green Power has evaluated the company's truck business Ruangchai the following topics.

1. On time. (From loading to delivery to customers).

2. Car (valves, caps, tank cover, fire extinguishers, hose storage, hose, hose down the oil).

3. The cleanliness of the vehicle (both internal and external conditions).

4. To comply with the rules of the company.

5. Courtesy of the driver.

Evaluation of fluorescent Chaiyakij has 87 points from a score of 100 points grade A.

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