A customer authentication process into gasoline stations, Ltd.. Sun's light, hands-Cooling Equipment Co.


Officials monitoring the transport of the fluorescent Chaiyakij. (The Sriracha), led by gold, you Krittayakiern bags (girls) with you at Christmas Pat Mat Ket (Chang) and Veera for Ratana glory. Eiāļ·e Products Co., Ltd. to customers. Sun's light, hands-Cooling Equipment Co. V. Shore. (At Kerry. Logistics, Inc.), met with the relations of mental skills (logistics officer), and jointly determine the stage of an oil transportation company.

- For milk 70-5552. The chauffeur's name honors the spirit level.

- For milk 70-5553. Chauffeur named Mr. Dance Tip successor.

- For milk 70-5554. Chauffeur Mr. Chaiwat optical glass.

- For milk 70-5556. The driver name. The equipment was assured.

- For milk 70-5548. Chauffeur Mr. Pravit a Krathok.

- For milk 70-6055. Chauffeur Mr. Chatchai House Kok.

The implementation of such policies, the company's business Ruangchai. And a visit to customer feedback. Feedback from customers. To achieve the standards. And quality of service delivery. And to wholesale customers who purchase petroleum products (oil), the Group's business Ruangchai. Received and has been serving the transportation. Punctual. Entire product quantity and quality. The results of random inspection. The driver was operating standards.The firm's focus and dedication to customer service. Policy that "customer satisfaction is our .....".


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