Sale,and marketing for all customers. And souvenirs.


Sales (sale) and staff of marketing (marketing) went out to visit customers and prospects to give a gift to customers. The trust company's service stations under the glow of victory, the following activities.
- Service stations, petroleum activities were 11 / 1 Moo 10, Bypass Road, Khok Muang Saraburi brighter and you find you need Chantima. (Station Manager), along with a souvenir.

- Service station pump, you joy 27 Moo 7, Tambon Nong Muang Saraburi long to find you Em. (Station Manager), along with a souvenir.

- Service stations, RA. Transport 99 / 5 Moo 7, Tambon Huai Kha Nong Muang Saraburi, was found with Pravit. (Station Manager), along with a souvenir.

- Service Station Petroleum Co. Phachi free 1994 34 / 3 Phachi Ayutthaya.Was found with Longan. (Station Manager), along with a souvenir.

- Service station, he made 58 Moo 2, Tambon Nong Muang Saraburi, Nong Pla was found with Mali. (Station Manager), along with a souvenir.

- Pump stations Wanwisa 15 / 2 Sena, A. Uthai, Ayutthaya. It was a good day to you. (Station Manager), along with a souvenir.

- Nong district, Saraburi service stations may be found on the map. (Station Manager), along with a souvenir.

- Service stations, electronic services, 27 / 1 Moo 5, Tambon Nong Pla Mor District, Saraburi, Nong find you a beer, and multiplied by the President.(Station Manager), along with a souvenir.

By the great and the service to customers in accordance with company policies. This time it's for more information and to build confidence with customers about its services. In particular, the services of a driver. The customer information guide Company plans to improve services to the standards. The Company has determined and committed. To be a leader in providing services.

The company's mission Ruangchai Thanks to all our customers are assured Ruangchai trust in its services. The company's policy is to reward customers for services that customers receive the service transport. Punctual. Entire product quantity and quality. The firm's focus and dedication to customer service. Policy that "customer satisfaction is our .....".

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