Sagch object 4.

 The group's mission Ruangchai. A commitment to personal development. Organization and management system. The body of the organization's policies and personnel. The group's mission to provide policy Ruangchai employees (personnel) to provideservices to customers under that policy. "The satisfaction of our customers .... the"principle or policy that the company is committed to the cause of success. Personnelmust abide by the policy is seen to come together to provide service excellence. The first principle that all staff must adhere to the guidelines for the Religious Principle 4.



Sagch object 4.

Sagch the four principles as a means to anchor the spirit of conciliation and generosity of welfare benefits as well as Lahore.
And there are four major areas.

1. You are the sacrifice, or generosity to their share of the benefit to others is not stingy or selfish.
The moral of this one will not be greedy. Unselfish We should always keep in mind that Possessions that we can not all last long.
Sustainable once we died, then they can not afford to take it to them.

2. Chulalongkorn speech is to speak with a few sweet words. I sincerely do not talk about what is vulgar, offensive.
She is focused. Buddha focuses on speech, especially because it is a ladder. The first step is to build human relations.
Good to happen. Seen as a way to say it verbally. Must abide by the rules say the following.

- Abstain from false speech.
- Except to say sneaky.
- Except to say words.
- Omitted from the prattle

3. Jariya rate if the relief of all kinds, or the conduct of the things that are helpful to others.

4. Manat eye is to be consistent. A consistent behavior. The moral of this will help us have a soul.
Firm not fickle. There is also a popular building. And trust to others as well


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