Check with the transport of the fluorescent Chaiyakij Sriracha.

Monitoring standards of transport staff in fluorescent RiaaChaiyakij. Examine the transport of the fluorescent ChaiyakijSriracha and monitor the work of the staff, monitoring standardsof public service vehicles, tea, Sri Racha. The years to follow thesteps below.

- The main door of the truck holding company.

- The card and the valve below.

- Check the condition of the company and asked the driversuccessfully.

- Check the Audit of the Sriracha employees.

- Listen to various subproblems for the acquisition of a driver in a parking lot แlao transport of Sriracha.

- I check in front of the depot. The Sriracha - Rayong

The audit of the company's truck driver and fluorescent Chaiyakij Sriracha the regulations and standards are defined. To provide transportation. The group's mission Ruangchai. Received and has been serving the entire product delivery, quality, quantity and quality. The firm's focus and dedication to customer service.Policy that "customer satisfaction is our ......

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