Training program "is used properly. And care of Tyre "with Isuzu Sa-nguan Thai reserved.


Maintenance staff of the company's business by Ruangchai Weerayut. Pori Loet Wanit (Head of maintenance) and Pichet.Sakun Raksa Ratsa  (Assistant Maintenance) were participants in the project. "I used to be ... and to view and maintain the basic vehicle" that Isuzu Thailand, Saraburi Branch reserves held Kan aims to provide knowledge of the car and maintain it properly. method In order to keep the car has performance and available at all times. And three of the engine and extend the lifetime cost of maintenance as well. The training was very useful and the participants join together to get a gift that way. Isuzu transmitting any Thai place to accomplish this training went well.The activities and events that Isuzu was up .....



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