what is the petroleum ?

          The products has that from some kind extraction is raw important material in lubricating oil production and the grease and the chemicals differs such as chemical fertilizer herbicide plastic and ( gum,rubber,tire synthetic ) etc. the word is that petroleum (Petroleum) the source from 2 word Latins be the word is that brand (Petra) which translate that stone and the word that O lick (Oleum) which translate that oil.

Natural gas

            The natural gas is location petroleum in gas position that atmosphere environment.               the natural gas will compose hydrocarbon substance in 95 percentage quantities s go up.            the remainder is will the nitrogen and the carbon dioxide are mixxing a little just.                       the hydrocarbon in natural very gas is in serial the paraffin oil. there is the property is full and don't modify chemistry way in usual condition. the natural gas has majority element is. methane , (CH4) , which weigh light most and boiling low point most is the components arrives at about 70 percentages go up.

  Property of the petroleum

           The property of the petroleum or crude oil and natural each gas will different go out to follow an element of the hydrocarbon and adulterated other thing the center stays with by in order that depend on a kind of the organic matter. which etc the origin of the petroleum and the environment of a place where are born the petroleum.

            Crude oil will generally have black or The brown. there is the smell resembles readymade fuel. but kind some has will the smell of other mixture with such as sulphur smell. and hydrogen fire smell or hydrogen sulfide etc. the viscosity of crude oil different go to since be liquid is like the water. until sticky resemble the asphalt. for the specific gravity of crude oil is will about 0.80 - 0.97 that 15.6 the degree Celsius , (60 , Fahrenheit ) which light more the water. thus when crude oil includes with the water. crude oil then drift upstream.

   Shipping transports

             Because of source of production petroleum majority and a place where use the products from the petroleum often stay to differ the place. especially in now source of petroleum big production worldly have just not ? but the products from the petroleum especially oil and the natural gas. be power pillar resource in the living daily of a human. and concern with the development in every a side of every worldwide country . thus the shipping transports then is important procedure again the one procedure of petroleum industry.



          In order that the petroleum will to deliver a speech this time mean crude oil and the natural gas which be the format of our petroleum applies the advantage most in now.

     Crude oil

           Crude oil has the position as its nature may be is liquid at compose hydrocarbon kind substance evaporates easy mostly distribute get 3 a kind follow the property and a kind of the hydrocarbon that are assembling is.

 1. crude base paraffin oil.

2. crude base asphalt oil.

3. crude base oil mixes.

which 3 crude both of oils are kind when bring distill already will give petroleum products in different proportion.

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