Why ? ISO 9001:2008.

First of all, we come to know the source of ISO 9001:2008 to ISO really little was known of his draft board called TC 176, which will be adjusted every five years, but Version of this year would come later. little reason to own about three years must be adjusted to keep up Version is a modern era and to fix the problem by using ISO ago, sure enough. The analysis of the authors found that although ISO 9001: 2000 will focus on the ISO so we do not focus more management to emphasize the document as necessary. But the problem again. The problems found. Not out on the obligations incurred many Documents or forms that need to be made by people who do not understand why it made. The original work. I do not see a problem. We will give examples to clarify the plant as well as OEM customers, which is one and the customer is determined to buy raw materials from the Supplier the Customer has chosen. But Manager Purchasing Supplier need to be evaluated by filling out a new form. Which contains about 2 copies of the thing for that. I need to do if you do not come a moment Auditor will not pass inspection. The true outstanding job. Kho is very free to come to work knowing that already are benefiting. Because the organization had no authority in the selection already. This is just an option that we hear coming. Think your friends. Many people would have similar problems if you ask why that is so. I have only to answer the following offline.

         1. Organized by the lack of regard to organization's business environment. What I Really? Offline is quoted as examples to see how offline. Can see that the organization This condition is not conducive to doing business that will be sitting in the new selection system for selection because the customer is then assigned. Thus, when put The system does not think are realities that face. Resulting in an obligation to work or be able to run it as a "Non-valued Activity" The transaction, if there is a lot of activities in an organization that can guarantee in.. Future position will not survive because it is now known that there is competition. Serious business. If we are unable to control the cost of operation. Would disadvantage to competitors.
2. Organization regardless of needs, such as new players what they want first. Customers is to make the company a revenue Capacity (the ability to produce) Of course not much is left to worry that if an old system. The system may need to check the ability of the Order it must be strict with money to invest and Planning Software prices charged by the millions right reason.
3. To think of the system without the risk of an organization such as the current competitors. Management development to control costs by focusing on the stock to a minimum, we need to make timely delivery of 100% because it is targeting do not set great stock on the level of the appropriate stock control at all. In. Of course, we beat all competition is not exactly.

This is why only 3 illustrates the need. Need to adjust the content of the standard ISO9001: 2000, but Tong Kok Do not panic that would have to change anything much at all. A single detailed to really listen, if we look at the system is to follow the letter. Appears in the definition. Which we called the Non creative, it will say that a little change. Wait a little to solve the document is finished, but if it is to understand the principle enough to see the contents of the ISO new version will see that Oืam! He gave us ideas on how to modify the ISO I made I just did not look at the letters in the system requirements and a barren The group thought this was. We called it wholeheartedly Creative Group.
Now we see major changes raised by ear better. Important cause. Ideas for change in an organization which is an 0.1 in.. We do not care at all right?. We are going to pay attention to Article 4 to 8 since we think about work, we say that if there is any regulation at all. On hand to read the details by We will have a content creation system (Creative) how offline.

Clause 0.1 has been changed to add lines like ...... its business environment, changes in that environment, or risks associated with that environment; If the interpretation of the subject was told that The system taking into account the condition of the business environment changes. The business environment. And risk. Just saying this just to change. Content from Article 4 to Article 8, then offline, but does not change the font, but for Change the thought of a system made possible by the command without the only reason. Will be a burden to work as an example the story from the beginning of the measurement Supplier enough new friends see me offline, then yes.
In addition, it has increased the use of the word "Where Applicable" to certain requirements, such as a matter of course is .... where applicable, provide training or take other actions to achieve the necessarycompetence, ... the meaning is. To provide training or other activities to keep people involved with the quality of work can have. The car as much as possible. Why do so because they acknowledge the problem. Arising out of the system training How offline friends. Many people still do not have one. Denied that the current training system is quite a problem with saving the massively To find both in training (Training need) annual training plan. Various tests to evaluate some of which straight people accept that the Auditor to make pure data not investigated. Problem, which is considered to be non-value activity that does not benefit anything. Some organizations say do really well. Everything but the actual data is not exactly the same answer. Then made up a hero. Or a more conscious or not. Therefore, the words "Where applicable" to the definition is intended to provide. The independence of thought. In order to achieve the object system. The terms and intent of benefiting most organizations.

The requirements for the independent think more mergers are. Control what is not in compliance with Article 8.3 of the more Where practicable, The organization shall deal with nonconforming product by one or more of the following ways ....... I do not mean very much different. The means to do as an organization are able to do so because the current control system has saved the NC too much is happening. The burden of work and the risk of errors because people took the time to sit and write notes and distracting each other a lot of practice saying that it saved a lot of what this example enough problems in the past, reject it notes. In the form of production. But now need to sit and write notes form failure. Then have to sit and write Label NC and then have to sit and write and approve the certificate request. Managing chaos all over. Rather than take the time to wait for care work The other requirements. The changes will focus on the work easier. By independent thinking. So friends. Probably find the answers I have already offline. ISO 9001:2008 with the question of whether to change a lot from some of you might tell me that you are comfortable and not have to adjust anything, Chew Chew, but we think that 's not easy. It would alter the idea by a large set of rapids and then the person is not easy to change the concept I offline. But I do not offline for glory. Organizations to fight.
Now, for the preparation of a certification system offline, then do not worry. Certification Institute moment you are certified, he will provide notice to you. The increase will make it or not depends on the requirements of each. For those who are. Be certified as a new Version has not announced officially, it must be a prior version of the current system if it can be done using the concept of a new version deployed at all. Tong will benefit the organization over


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