Tips.'s look at logistics. Through the strategies of Sun Wu.

Strategy 20 Strategy is stirring the water to catch fish that are meaningful to seize the moment to recognize the disorder in the enemy army to be useful. Strive for the confiscation of interest as his. Led military invasion to attack to gain a victory. The victory took the enemy by using the spin of the army last year. Romance is like a storm raging in the night. Terrain lower than it shall detention basin as rain. Human nature in contact with ice and cold drizzle're known to doze Surveillance Guard duty would be reckless Prevent vertical forces would ignore important functions. The attack can penetrate more easily captured.

Being the dominant partner. Whether the client side. Or its suppliers. Or even distracted employees. This strategy, similar to that stirred the water to catch fish. This occurs frequently in the business a long time, I just do not know that tanning industry requires significant experience and expertise. With an activity that the standard is difficult. (The soft leather of each piece of unequal Depending on which part of cow leather, such as stomach or back legs), together with a sense of measurement. (Chang extremely alarming) key personnel is a core business to drive. If they hijacked a serious impact on business immediately.
In addition, the organization grew by double no struggle for a long time. Would suffer a setback This can be seen from our home market of beer offline. Leading the world. Has not abandoned the competition. Reason that Enables organizations to ensure competition on the move. No points lost. Teachers in Japan plant (St. sector) tend to always say that. If we move forward a single open We have no way to know that we walk right. And do not know the acceleration in walking with Of a mutual friend, we know the direction and speed used

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